CRAIC (Cultural Revival Among Interested Communities) was founded in 1995 by a group of people who recognised that the rich culture and traditions of the cross border area of Strabane and Lifford were being lost forever.


Brendan Guitar close up Sweenos 21Nov08They identified a clear need to revive, encourage and promote the various aspects of our culture including music, song, dance, storytelling etc, and preserve them for future generations.john ceili Roughton 26Mar 2010


From this great idea sprung CRAIC, with the intention that this organisation would act as an umbrella group to pursue these aims and objectives.

Although committee members have come and gone, there is always someone new to take on the arduous task of organising events, fundraising, tutoring, attending meetings, and generally protecting the interests of our culture in the Strabane and Lifford areas.


craic-DTR-07CRAIC was initially an anachronism for Cultural Revival Among Integrated Communities and was later renamed Cultural Revival Among Interested Communities in recognition of the interest shown by the communities of Donegal and Tyrone



As CRAIC has become more widely known locally and further afield there has been great interest in our activities which have grown in scale from year to year until our members now play a prominent part in the entertainment of locals, visitors, and tourists alike.

Session; Brendan, John, Pete & Michael

Almost unique are our monthly sessions for adult learners and children to come along to a sympathetic environment and become accustomed to playing to members before venturing to perform in public. Our fledgling members progress to entertaining at public and private functions and participate in sessions throughout Ireland.



In addition, we organise mighty pub sessions that are known known for fast and lively music that last to the wee hours of the morning, see our Whats on? page for details. And of course CRAIC organise and run the renowned Johnny Crampsie Traditional Weekend see our Whats on? page for details.


Also see links page for details of associated cultural sites, our funders and supporters





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